Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #11

The one cool thing I hadn't considered when I embarked on The Carolaoke Collection [let's call it that] is getting to really "hear" the music being played by the musicians in these karaoke versions. I really noticed the instrumentation going on within June Carter Cash's, "Jukebox Blues" when I was singing to it and it's fantastic. Please enjoy my scratch track version of this lovely lady's music.

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #10

Today I present to you my scratch track version of Patsy Cline's "She's Got You".

I'm all tapped out for stories today but what I can tell you is that I plan on visiting other female vocal biggies from this era in my magical musical covers project.

Please enjoy.

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #9

I dared to go back into a labyrinth of nostalgia when picking the tune for today's Carolaoke offering. This is one of the covers Sweet Jelly did back in the day that was so fun to do for shows. I loved singing it, I loved performing it and it's a tune we all (as a band) just were in a great zone when we were all on stage performing it.

I say labyrinth of nostalgia because that's indeed what it turned out to be. That's what it always turns out to be for me and I get sucked all the way in and I get sidetracked and I get happy and I get sad and I get tired and I wonder what is it all for and why bother doing any of it anyway; all the while watching an imaginary 10 year movie reel in my head of the band and our shows...BUT! I'm trying to work through my shit and trying to feel my feelings so here we are. Progress not perfection.

Here is my scratch track cover of The Go-Go's "Our Lips Are Sealed".

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #7

Back in Sweet Jelly times, people used to ask me what we sounded like. I used to tell them "Weezer" meets "Barenaked Ladies" meets "No Doubt". I told them that because those were the three main influences that came from three of the band members. Aaron Johnson was a hardcore Weezer fan, I was a huge Barenaked Ladies fan and Lance Dobersek was a huge No Doubt fan. Truth be told, I had no idea No Doubt even existed so when Lance shared his enthusiasm of No Doubt with me I of course was blown away and became a hardcore fan as well. I mean, Gwen Stefani is a Hollywood goddess in every single way. Her voice is amazing, her stage presence (along with the band's) is amazing and I really love the lyrics to her songs and could certainly relate to them in so many ways.

So for today's Carolaoke offering, please enjoy my scratch track version of No Doubt's "Just A Girl". These lyrics are spot on for any gal trying to be seen and heard in this world.

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #6

Everything about this song written and created by Sara Bareilles is a work of art. The lyrics, the music, the harmonies, the instrumentation - all of it is a perfect musical package. She's also an amazing and dynamic performer as this clip certainly showcases. You can't help but feel like you're part of her world and not "just the audience" making it a complete experience. Not very common in this current world. Her voice is amazingly beautiful as she sings out the words of finally being able to stand up for herself and stop secretly hurting and hiding. It's as if this song gives her some power over always being polite and listening to everyone else's opinion but her own. I really relate to this. I have been going through similar experiences forever since my time began. Rewiring the perpetual chatter of your inner self is sometimes WAY harder than tuning out the words and thoughts of others.


But you have to in order to survive on this planet.

Please enjoy my Carolaoke scratch track version of Sara Bareilles' "King Of Anything".

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