Freaky Fridays #1

Who’s up for “Freaky Fridays” over here at And what does that mean exactly? It’s a wildcard day where I’ll be posting something that will probably be (but not limited to) music or art every week on Fridays. For example, puppets and puppetry would be under the art category so expect a whole bunch of weird shit.

Today’s offering will be in the music category. I’ve been listening to my music on shuffle lately so I don’t keep listening to the same three songs everyday like I tend to do. This is quite a huge step for me since I wasn’t even listening to music with words for the past five years. Mental breakdowns come in all shapes and sizes and that was part of mine. Anyway, shuffle reminded me of this tune I constructed in 2008-2009 and I thought I’d share it for the new installment of “Freaky Fridays”.

This song was constructed inside GarageBand. It was/is my first attempt dabbling in trying to make a Latin-esque tune. Maybe it’s because I’m the product of the 1970s that I cannot get enough of a horn section in songs. I used the musical instruments available inside GarageBand for the “horn section” in this tune and for the life of me, I’m trying to figure out how I did that. I seem to remember GarageBand expansion packs in CD form and hopefully they have digital versions available now. I haven’t investigated yet but I will. I’ve also been back at the piano so perhaps I’ll be brave enough to make my own musical parts. It’s too soon to tell right now. Healing yourself is a very tricky and fragile matter.

Welcome to the first “Freaky Friday”; hope you enjoy one of my own tunes entitled “Your Loss”. Thanks for stopping by! Keep safe and I hope the weekend treats you well.

"Your Loss" - Carol Kroll

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Studio Closeup #25

I have really needed to burrow down deep in my rabbit hole lately to focus. I needed to spend the whole day submerged in my rabbit hole inside the glory that is color therapy by painting on some of these freshly gessoed panels I prepped last week. It was the best choice because there’s a lot going on in the world lately. Especially today with our government.

So today’s studio update is another look into past art I've made that was thankfully upstairs hanging on the wall unlike the rest of my artwork that perished in the 2018 flood. This piece was made in 2003 and I was just getting acquainted with using smooth single panels (with no "cradles") as opposed to the textured canvas panels I had been working on that just was too much texture for me. I sort of remember that I was going for a creepy vibe. A creepy 2D puppet show if you will!

Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by today! Keep safe and well everyone.

Title: You Don't Laugh Like You Used To
Year: 2003
Media: Acrylic Paint and Collage on Wood Panel
Total Dimension: 8-3/4" x 6-3/4”

Art you dont laugh

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #23

Today’s Carolaoke tune is a Sweet Jelly original that I don’t think a lot of people have heard before. I’ve provided the original scratch track that Aaron and I put together in his basement way back in 2003 to hear where/how it started out. I really wanted this to be on the “Jelly Happens” album but we all voted on that matter and it didn’t make it. So why not take that frown and turn it upside down with a “Sweet Jelly Scratch Track Remake” 18 years later! The time is now. This is the way.

The song I chose to remake today from the Sweet Jelly vault is “Keeping It To Myself”. In that same vault there are other songs entitled “Avoiding Confrontation” and “Pretending All The Time” so you can probably see where all this is going. I made the current scratch track using my voice, Garageband and my trusty rusty PSR-195 Yamaha keyboard. This is a scratch track; a rough sketch for professionals who know how to make and record music properly. In no way am I imagining that this is anything *but* a scratch track.

Below, I’ve included the lyrics to this tune for those of you that are into that sort of thing. This was tough, but great therapy engrossing myself inside this tune. Though Sweet Jelly disbanded amicably, it’s a multi-emotional-dimension for me to revisit. I miss making music with those dudes. We had a lot of fun! And there are a lot of songs in that vault that (sadly) remain unheard. Why not change that.

Please enjoy this bit of old with a bit of new!

Sweet Jelly Original "Keeping It To Myself" scratch track 2003

"Keeping It To Myself" 2021 Remake

Keeping It To Myself
Sweet Jelly 2003
Music: A.Johnson
Lyrics: C.Kroll

Verse 1:
You’re just running away
That’s what you always say
But I don’t see it that way-ay
I’m just keeping it to myself!
Feels like I’m saying a lot
Turns out that I’m not
Is that what’s got you so hot?
I’m just keeping it to myself!

Chorus: 1
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to my self-elf-el-elf!

Verse 2:
I watch it all from these eyes
My pair of two little spies
They see all the white lies
But I’m keeping that to myself!
I love to see you get mad
Losing all that you had
And deep down I’m glad
BUT I’m keeping that to myself!

Chorus: 2
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to my self-elf-el-elf!

Verse 3:
Communication’s the key
But how much more do you need?
And why can’t you see-eee
That I’m keeping it to myself!
Someday the anger will show
I’ll be pissed and you’ll know
But for now I’ll just go-o-oh!
And keep it to myself!

Chorus: 3
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to myself!
Keeping it to my self-elf-el-elf!

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Studio Closeup #24

I have some things to talk about today. One of those things is my tendency towards A.D.D. I’ve mentioned the saying “jack of all trades master of none” theory that really irritates me, yet, the need to jump around from music to art and within those two categories, the many different things you can do inside both of them has always been there. But at the same time I hate that about myself too. I’m learning that I need to stop fighting this scattered process of mine, give into it, and just see what happens.

On that note, today, Studio Closeup #24 is an example of “keeping creativity fresh”. That’s what I’m replacing the “jack of all trades” inner dialogue bullshit with. If I don’t, that’s when self sabotage shows up.

So this week, I’ve been all over the board. I decided to revisit some watercolors that I started awhile back, I’m prepping new panels for The Museum Series, and I’ve been back to building dioramas. I’ve had to burrow deep into the rabbit hole lately to regroup, refocus and center myself while the current (ongoing, never ending) shit-storm blows through.

Please keep safe and well out there.

Art blog 24 01
Watercolors in progress #1
Art blog 24 02
Watercolors in progress #2
Art blog 24 03
Getting new surfaces ready to paint on.
Art blog 24 04
Bird diorama for future panel piece.

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #22

Today I decided to cover the amazing P!nk and got lost in all the harmonies and extra vocals (there were more in this song than I had originally thought) but I thoroughly enjoyed being in the world of music today and that I don't take lightly. I didn't once come out to check on the news and even though I felt guilty about that fact, it was blissful without that terrible chatter cluttering up my soul. Please enjoy my scratch track cover of P!nk's "Please Don't Leave Me." I guess I'll check in with the world. I hope I'm not disappointed. Or horrified.

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