Freaky Friday #17

As I mentioned previously, after today’s Freaky Friday offering, Freaky Fridays will be taking the summer off but return in October just in time for Halloween. I intend on keeping Music Mondays and Studio Closeups in their regular rotation throughout the summer because the truth is, it keeps me focused and inspired.

This past week I came across these Art Trading Cards (ACEOs) I did in 2008 and 2009 and it was thrilling to see them again in person. Especially when a lot of my work no longer exists physically. It was like seeing dear old friends! And then I got a hankering for starting up art cards again to sell so I’ve been working on that lately. Eventually you will be able to purchase things (art, art cards, other weirdness) directly here on my site, but while that’s all being hashed out, and at a later date, I will be selling the art cards on eBay (they sell better over there) and offering various sizes of other watercolor pieces from my Etsy store. These are my huge summer plans. That, and taking my small parrot Toby for walks in his spiffy new “made for crazy-assed bird people” backpack. He loves going places and I need to move more so why not! It's pure joy to watch Toby's face light up while he makes his crazy frog sounds of approval when I take him outside. I’m not a huge fan of summer, but having a pet whose natural habitat is the Amazon jungle changes things. I have found myself remembering a lot of things I used to enjoy about summer but forgot, thanks to him.

Freak fri 17 B
Art Card (ACEO) - "Sunshine" - 2008
Freak fri 17 A
Art Card (ACEO) - "Little Girl & Her Little Bed - 2009