Freaky Fridays #1

Who’s up for “Freaky Fridays” over here at And what does that mean exactly? It’s a wildcard day where I’ll be posting something that will probably be (but not limited to) music or art every week on Fridays. For example, puppets and puppetry would be under the art category so expect a whole bunch of weird shit.

Today’s offering will be in the music category. I’ve been listening to my music on shuffle lately so I don’t keep listening to the same three songs everyday like I tend to do. This is quite a huge step for me since I wasn’t even listening to music with words for the past five years. Mental breakdowns come in all shapes and sizes and that was part of mine. Anyway, shuffle reminded me of this tune I constructed in 2008-2009 and I thought I’d share it for the new installment of “Freaky Fridays”.

This song was constructed inside GarageBand. It was/is my first attempt dabbling in trying to make a Latin-esque tune. Maybe it’s because I’m the product of the 1970s that I cannot get enough of a horn section in songs. I used the musical instruments available inside GarageBand for the “horn section” in this tune and for the life of me, I’m trying to figure out how I did that. I seem to remember GarageBand expansion packs in CD form and hopefully they have digital versions available now. I haven’t investigated yet but I will. I’ve also been back at the piano so perhaps I’ll be brave enough to make my own musical parts. It’s too soon to tell right now. Healing yourself is a very tricky and fragile matter.

Welcome to the first “Freaky Friday”; hope you enjoy one of my own tunes entitled “Your Loss”. Thanks for stopping by! Keep safe and I hope the weekend treats you well.

"Your Loss" - Carol Kroll