Freaky Fridays #2

Freaky Fridays are the wildcard day here on where I post anything I want to. This week while rummaging through more of my crap, I came across the project I started before I started on The Museum Series. That would be the making of my own tarot card deck. And yes, it’s a bird themed deck but if birds had a wardrobe. And had human hands and such. And were way creepier than they already actually are. Some books suggest one makes their own tarot deck to learn the language of and familiarize themselves better with what the cards mean and how to do better readings for people so I thought I’d try that. I have to make 72 pieces of art for this to happen. Thus far, I seem to have 10 done so this is going to take a while.

Here are three cards out of the deck in no particular order because that’s how I’m working on the deck. Normal people would probably start with the Major Arcana 0-21 and then go to the Minor Arcana suit by suit, number by number but not me! My brain doesn't work that way and it's annoying. I’m also finding all these image pieces of birds and humans inside all my old magazines and books and sometimes you run across something you know has to be for a specific card that you need to create right away that isn’t “in numerical order”. And so you do.

Now back to tending to The Museum Series, although after posting this I want to pull out my dyes and figure this deck out some more.

Keep well everyone.

Tarot deck 01
Bird People Tarot Deck: Queen of Wands
Tarot deck 02
Bird People Tarot Deck: Page of Wands
Tarot deck 03
Bird People Tarot Deck: Two of Pentacles