Freaky Fridays #5

Today’s installment of Freaky Friday goes WAY back, as in 44 years WAY back to kindergarten. My parents saved my elementary school papers and gifted them to me a couple years back. It’s a really weird experience to revisit your five year old self. Lots of crazy shit in that box, some of it I remember making; some of it completely foreign to me and I think that’s the weirdest part. Having no memory at all of what I’m looking at, that I made.

I found this alphabet “thing” tucked inside a kindergarten pamphlet my mom had kept when I first started school and thought I’d share a couple photos of where my head was at in 1977-1978.

Like I said, lots of crazy shit inside that box so expect some other things to make an appearance here for future Freaky Fridays. I promise to make it fun at least.

Freak fri J
Legendary elementary school papers box.
Freak fri K
Me with my mom at my Grandma Richards house. I remember those paints.
Freak fri E
Pamphlet propaganda from the 1970's.
Freak fri L
My five year old take on the alphabet.
Freak fri A
Freak fri B
Freak fri C
Freak fri D
Freak fri F
Freak fri G
Freak fri H
Freak fri I