Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #2

I absolutely adore Sheryl Crow. Sure, her name and my name are practically the same, that's not why, but it sure makes things interesting. She was a backup singer for Michael Jackson while he was on tour back in the day, her song "Leaving Las Vegas" was appropriately popular on the radio while I was living in Las Vegas working for Paramount Pictures as an art assistant in 1994, and in the early 2000's, while trying to achieve something with my band, I ran across her quote that really motivated me in a new way and offered some perspective of trying to create something:

"I was turned down by every record label in L.A. Perseverance is three quarters of the game. Talent's only a quarter. Being able to withstand the word 'no' over and over can build you a pretty tough skin. I knew if I just kept at it, at the very least I'd get better at my craft."

-Sheryl Crow

I have a few of her songs planned for Music Monday's; this is my scratch track version of Sheryl Crow's "There Goes The Neighborhood"