Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #21

Well, here we all are in 2021. I'm sure many may agree that the "now times" are pretty disappointing. I have hope for 2021 don't get me wrong(!) I'm just saying that as the human race we're capable of so many awesome things and yet here we all are collectively experiencing a whole lot of downsides instead.

So what I like to do when I've visited the news in the morning and am completely leveled by it is spend the rest of the day visiting the times when and where humans were doing cool things. The 1970's and 1980's have been popular destinations for me lately of course because I was a kid (= fun) but more than that, the world was a much happier place then; a vibrantly colorful and musical time to grow up. It really was. Back then my parents played lots of music but they weren't into disco (aside from my mother's love for ABBA thankfully) and my dad hated The Bee Gees but somehow I discovered Xanadu. And in MY world it didn't get much better than an Andy Gibb lookalike and THE Olivia Newton-John singing and rollerskating inside a colorful orchestral inferno made possible by E.L.O. aka Electric Light Orchestra.

So for today's Carolaoke Song #21, I offer my rendition of one of the songs from that movie. Please enjoy my cover of Olivia Newton-John's "Magic". Here's to more "magic" for everyone in 2021.