Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #25

I really needed Sonny & Cher with their trumpets and trombones to shake this funk I’ve been sitting in. I remember bits and pieces of The Sonny & Cher show in the 1970s most of it funny and colorful. You were the shit if you had a Cher doll at the time. I did not have a Cher doll so I was not the shit, but my cousins did! I couldn’t get enough of combing her silky long black hair, all her colorful sparkly outfits, and the fact she could hold a microphone (if I’m not mistaken). Or was that the Marie Osmond doll? They had her and Donnie too. My cousins had all the toys that made you the shit. I was never really into dolls and always pictured that Cher doll as more of an “action figure” but what’s really the difference anyway I suppose. I personally think everyone should get their own action figure.

Please enjoy my scratch track cover of Sonny & Cher’s, “The Beat Goes On” and I hope this week treats you well.

Carolaoke Song #25
The Beat Goes On ~ Sonny & Cher