Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #28

It’s another Music Monday over here at! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Yes, I can tell spring is in the air. Early spring is not my favorite season. I usually get migraines, can feel everyone bursting at the seams to wear no clothes outside, and I personally have to stifle or channel the mania I feel welling up all through March and April in a productive way or it won’t be a good scene. These are things I’ve learned (the hard way) on this journey.

Speaking of spring, today’s Carolaoke selection is a song I used to have on repeat while I’d ride my bike during the sunrise. I couldn’t get enough of it. Or sunrises. This year, I have big plans for my bike come (real) spring. That’s all anyone needs to know right now including myself.

The bah-bah-bah harmony towards the end really bothers me in this karaoke track, but I didn’t feel like reinventing the wheel today to fix it. Someone is singing an anti-harmony inside that harmony. I hear it and it bothers me to my core. Speaking of me, this song is at the very bottom of my range and I know I have some more work to do vocally with this tune. But scratch tracks are like gesture drawings, quick snapshots of where you're currently at, and you only get better by doing more of them.

Please enjoy my scratch track version of the Plain White T’s, “Rhythm of Love”.