Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #39

Today is a scratch track “sample” and not a full song. Why only a sample, Carol? Because some discoveries were made in the production of this ditty today. The “full album version” of this song is not available on iTunes as a karaoke track. Perhaps it’s a radio edit version, I don’t know, but it really threw a wrench in my Music Monday. After listening to other versions on iTunes, they are all the edited version and leave out the best part of this song which are these lyrics:

I’m gonna soak up the sun
While it's still free
I'm gonna soak up the sun
Before it goes out on me

Don't have no master suite
But I'm still the king of me
You have a fancy ride, but baby
I'm the one who has the key

-Sheryl Crow (Soak Up The Sun)

I am not in the headspace to Frankenstein the inside of this karaoke track today to match the music of the full album version (or even if I could for that matter) so I’m only offering a small Carolaoke sample today. As a lot of you know, I continue to try to make friends with summer this year; summer is making that difficult but I will still try. This song always makes me feel hopeful about summer.

Carolaoke Soak Up The Sun Sample