Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #52

A couple of things. Back in December 2021, I said I’d be back in January 2022, I just didn’t say when. I like to keep everyone guessing. Even myself. Especially myself. That’s the best part.

Back in the beginning, when I started posting all of my wares, I made sure that I numbered my music and art posts so that I wouldn’t feel like I’m falling behind regarding “calendar” dates. That causes stress and guilt which also causes the very problems you were trying to help with creativity in the first place.

I have a small offering of what today brought. I had many false starts and struggles with a couple of different songs. It was super frustrating so I only made it this far for this Music Monday. But at least I showed up and made noise today. That’s the important part even though that seems absurd. But for me, that is the important part.

To be continued.

Carolaoke Song #52 - Annie Lennox - "Little Bird" (snippet)

Original Song Reference: