Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #53

Music Mondays going forward will be more of "works in progress" for a while. I know it has been super radio silent over here on I go missing like this from time to time to quietly and peacefully refuel my brain and my will. I’ve been learning more about making karaoke tracks; that has both really inspired me and totally frustrated me. One discovery I have made is that female vocals are impossible to erase. I won’t name which ones because that’ll spoil all of my future music surprises, but the female vocals are anchored in there. When I finally made a version that successfully edited out the original vocals, certain instruments dropped out during the process. Today I experimented with trying to replace those missing instruments with my keyboard. Here is a tiny sample of what the tune sounds like thus far. Again, progress not perfection. I sang a lot of songs today, I was ridiculously and obnoxiously loud and learned things that I didn’t know about before. Today was a good day.

Carolaoke Song #53 - Sheryl Crow - "Mississippi" (snippet)

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