Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #6

Everything about this song written and created by Sara Bareilles is a work of art. The lyrics, the music, the harmonies, the instrumentation - all of it is a perfect musical package. She's also an amazing and dynamic performer as this clip certainly showcases. You can't help but feel like you're part of her world and not "just the audience" making it a complete experience. Not very common in this current world. Her voice is amazingly beautiful as she sings out the words of finally being able to stand up for herself and stop secretly hurting and hiding. It's as if this song gives her some power over always being polite and listening to everyone else's opinion but her own. I really relate to this. I have been going through similar experiences forever since my time began. Rewiring the perpetual chatter of your inner self is sometimes WAY harder than tuning out the words and thoughts of others.


But you have to in order to survive on this planet.

Please enjoy my Carolaoke scratch track version of Sara Bareilles' "King Of Anything".