Studio Closeup #12

Important Announcement: I can now scan in slides! Yes, I said scan. An old school scanner and some film are making this happen to appear on the internet. This opens up a whole ‘nother world for future postings here on That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Today’s Studio Closeup #12 refers to last week’s post about art that was shown in NYC in 1998, but also perished in 2018's flood. Looking through my slides this week, I found the piece that also attended that 1998 show. Unfortunately I did not take any closeup slides of the individual panels that make up this triptych so it's hard to see the details. Did I title the slide? No, so I do not have a title or dimensions on this one I'm afraid. What I "can" tell you, however, is that this was the first piece I did about the drawbacks and perils of drinking. I also know that this triptych was in the show Morgyn and I had at her warehouse in 2000. I’ve included some photos of the two of us from that show and as you can see, good, good times.