Studio Closeup #13

Today's closeup is another one from the archive. It still exists in its physical state and did not perish in the flood. This triptych is all about that magnificent and mysterious toy: The Magic Eight Ball. According to the info I have, this little project was done back in 1999.

I remember that this was one of the first experiments I did with doing a painting and trying to write a song in tandem. I recently uncovered an attempt at the music and lyrics for the song I had planned but apparently I erased everything. I wish I hadn't! But that's the kind of crap I pull. I remember I wanted it to also sound creepy and I think those notations at the top were my keyboard sound button settings.

I think.

You might be able to make out what nonsense I had planned within the photo I included. Maybe this is a concept I will revisit again regarding paintings in tandem with music and lyrics. I'm certainly not "there" yet, but I am at least considering the possibility again. In the meantime, the Carolaoke Collection and Museum Series is where I feel comfortable being right now.

Title: Magic 8 Ball - Triptych
Year: 1999
Media: Acrylic Paint, Paper Collage & Canvas Board
Total Dimension: (3) 4"x6" Canvas Boards