Studio Closeup #16

Today is another peek into the past. I've been going through a lot of my old things again and discovered this artifact. I remember making this piece right after moving to the middle of Wisconsin in 1999 never considering how much I would miss living near The Lake. You might notice this tension with the lady being dragged across the state by an old exercise machine. It is amazing to me how just two different parts of the same state can be so dramatically different from each other. This is the case when comparing Dane County to Milwaukee County. Where I came from was flat and next to the ocean as far as I was concerned. Out here there are lots of bluffs and hills making it a more mountainous terrain and I tried to make that distinct difference visible with the horizon line throughout the triptych. On panel 3 on the right edge, you might also notice a little curve there; that's supposed to be the cross section of Lake Michigan's descent into its watery abyss. I also remember wanting to keep the piece minimal in color and collage pieces to add to the gloomy apprehension I had about such a drastic change.

It's so weird looking at and thinking about this 21 year old piece. I've definitely learned a few things since then. During this pandemic I sure am grateful to be living where there are not a lot of people. And the stars are gorgeous out here.

I do miss sushi though.

Title: Milwaukee To Madison (Triptych)
Year: 1999
Media: Acrylic Paint, Paper Collage, Canvas Board
Total Dimension: (3) 6 x 4" Canvas Board Panels 1/4" apart

Milwaukee to madison whole
Title: Milwaukee To Madison (triptych) 1999
Mke to mdsn01
Milwaukee To Madison (triptych) panel 1
Mke to mdsn02
Milwaukee To Madison (triptych) panel 2
Mke to mdsn03
Milwaukee To Madison (triptych) panel 1