Studio Closeup #24

I have some things to talk about today. One of those things is my tendency towards A.D.D. I’ve mentioned the saying “jack of all trades master of none” theory that really irritates me, yet, the need to jump around from music to art and within those two categories, the many different things you can do inside both of them has always been there. But at the same time I hate that about myself too. I’m learning that I need to stop fighting this scattered process of mine, give into it, and just see what happens.

On that note, today, Studio Closeup #24 is an example of “keeping creativity fresh”. That’s what I’m replacing the “jack of all trades” inner dialogue bullshit with. If I don’t, that’s when self sabotage shows up.

So this week, I’ve been all over the board. I decided to revisit some watercolors that I started awhile back, I’m prepping new panels for The Museum Series, and I’ve been back to building dioramas. I’ve had to burrow deep into the rabbit hole lately to regroup, refocus and center myself while the current (ongoing, never ending) shit-storm blows through.

Please keep safe and well out there.

Art blog 24 01
Watercolors in progress #1
Art blog 24 02
Watercolors in progress #2
Art blog 24 03
Getting new surfaces ready to paint on.
Art blog 24 04
Bird diorama for future panel piece.