Studio Closeup #25

I have really needed to burrow down deep in my rabbit hole lately to focus. I needed to spend the whole day submerged in my rabbit hole inside the glory that is color therapy by painting on some of these freshly gessoed panels I prepped last week. It was the best choice because there’s a lot going on in the world lately. Especially today with our government.

So today’s studio update is another look into past art I've made that was thankfully upstairs hanging on the wall unlike the rest of my artwork that perished in the 2018 flood. This piece was made in 2003 and I was just getting acquainted with using smooth single panels (with no "cradles") as opposed to the textured canvas panels I had been working on that just was too much texture for me. I sort of remember that I was going for a creepy vibe. A creepy 2D puppet show if you will!

Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by today! Keep safe and well everyone.

Title: You Don't Laugh Like You Used To
Year: 2003
Media: Acrylic Paint and Collage on Wood Panel
Total Dimension: 8-3/4" x 6-3/4”

Art you dont laugh