Studio Closeup #41

Another work from the past for today’s Studio Closeup. Real life sometimes gets in the way of making (and finishing) art but that’s just how it goes. I'm finally making my peace with it. This piece was my commentary on how perfect women were expected to be in the 1940s. That large black shape is a tree and its roots. The lady at the bottom is an example of what happens when you're perfect. It is Acrylic and, Collage on Canvas and, unfortunately, a flood casualty. I am so thankful the slides of my art were upstairs and still exist. Seriously. No idea. It’s so interesting to revisit these paintings. Like time traveling.

A tiny announcement, Freaky Fridays here will be taking the summer off. But don’t panic! They’ll start again in October just in time for haunted ghost season. Music Mondays Carolaoke and Studio Closeup Wednesdays will remain in place with an occasional day off here and there as needed. Sometimes you just have to unplug from the matrix. Thank you for stopping by today!

Art blog 41
Acrylic and, Collage on Canvas - Late, late 1990's.