Studio Closeup #44

I’ve been immersed in watercolor these days and it took quite a bit to get back to that quiet place. While going through more of my artifacts upstairs, I came across this painting I did as a follow-up to the original “Bluebird of Happiness Verses Blackbird of Depression”. I forgot I added a second chapter to that painting and found it this week hiding upstairs in a portfolio I thought had been downstairs during flood times. This watercolor painting was done in 2008; my ongoing personal comment about the battle with happiness and depression. A busy airport with moods and thoughts coming from all directions and you’re the one directing it all into one place. Kind of like John de Lancie in Breaking Bad.

Art blog 44 A
Bluebird of Happiness Verses Blackbird of Depression
Art blog44 B
(closeup 1)
Art blog44 C
(closeup 2)