Studio Closeup #45

This is a piece I did right after I decided to go freelance in 2006 and leave the corporate world. I hadn’t watercolored or properly “drawn” in years, and I remember it being foreign to me which was not a good feeling. It took a long time to readjust to civilian life and be in a place where I could really focus and center. I came across it last week when I found the Bluebird vs Blackbird piece and I'm happy to report, was not a flood casualty. It’s postcard size and there is a front and a back which I’ve posted here. This was the result of a gorgeous spring day on the patio drawing the flowers in the planter and finally, I was able to be “in the moment”. Please enjoy and thank you for stopping by today!

Art blog 45 A
Watercolor & Collage Postcard 2006 (front)
Art blog 45 B
Watercolor & Collage Postcard 2006 (back)