Studio Closeup #47

Title: The Museum Series | Arctic Sea Ducks - Common Eider
Year: 2021
Media: Acrylic Paint, Paper Diorama and Collage on Wood Panel
Total Dimension: 4” x 4” (1.5" Cradle)

Well, no surprise to anyone I’ve been far down the rabbit hole making my items, trying my best to tune out the insane world around that seems to be getting crazier by the minute sadly. I check current events on the internet to keep aware, but too much threatens my mental health so I do it with extreme moderation. Instead, I follow a lot of museums, zoos, aquariums, artists, musicians, photographers, "retroists" and animators in my various social feeds to limit the despair factor, get inspired and remain positive and somewhat hopeful for the future. Today’s Studio Closeup is a smaller version of the panoramic Arctic Sea Ducks piece that was posted last week. Let’s hope there are real Arctic Sea Ducks in the future. Enjoy, please stay safe and keep well everyone.

Art blog 47 B
Arctic Sea Ducks: Common Eider
Art blog 47 A
Detail of diorama inside.