Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #13

Today's song pick is Bonnie Raitt's, "Guilty". The lyrics really hit home with me, I sadly have to admit. I'll leave it there with a reminder for everyone to vote tomorrow if you haven't already. I will be attending in person in a full hazmat suit. Because of all the shenanigans going on right now, I need to do it in person so I know there isn't going to be any fuckery with my vote. My trust does not come easy.

Please enjoy my scratch track version of Bonnie Raitt's, "Guilty" and thank you for stopping by.

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Studio Closeup #13

Today's closeup is another one from the archive. It still exists in its physical state and did not perish in the flood. This triptych is all about that magnificent and mysterious toy: The Magic Eight Ball. According to the info I have, this little project was done back in 1999.

I remember that this was one of the first experiments I did with doing a painting and trying to write a song in tandem. I recently uncovered an attempt at the music and lyrics for the song I had planned but apparently I erased everything. I wish I hadn't! But that's the kind of crap I pull. I remember I wanted it to also sound creepy and I think those notations at the top were my keyboard sound button settings.

I think.

You might be able to make out what nonsense I had planned within the photo I included. Maybe this is a concept I will revisit again regarding paintings in tandem with music and lyrics. I'm certainly not "there" yet, but I am at least considering the possibility again. In the meantime, the Carolaoke Collection and Museum Series is where I feel comfortable being right now.

Title: Magic 8 Ball - Triptych
Year: 1999
Media: Acrylic Paint, Paper Collage & Canvas Board
Total Dimension: (3) 4"x6" Canvas Boards

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #12

Today's scratch track cover is of icon Joni Mitchell's, "Big Yellow Taxi". I really love the fact that she is both a musician/singer and visual artist. For me personally, this gives me less of a "jack of all trades master of none" feeling and more of a "it is completely possible to be both".

When I make visual art, I am in a headspace and feeling of calm and silence. With singing or performing, I have go to a completely different place; one that involves confidence, self esteem and a much higher vibrational energy. And that place is not as easy for me to get to or more importantly, let go of once I'm there which tends to leave me crazed and manic even though I love it and love doing it. This song project has helped me study and wrangle these feelings and accept that this is how I operate. It's hard not to want to drink myself silly after I've had the euphoric sensation of being alive and existing in the extreme present with singing and performing. Drinking alcohol has that same effect on me which is why I think I sometimes seek it out to continue that "good feeling" and not have to endure the extreme letdown that comes with doing live forms of art. At least I'm in a place now where I can recognize this trigger and develop new, perhaps healthier, coping habits with the extreme ups and downs of the creative personality.

Please enjoy my scratch track Carolaoke version of Joni Mitchell's "Big Yellow Taxi" for today's musical offering.

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Studio Closeup #12

Important Announcement: I can now scan in slides! Yes, I said scan. An old school scanner and some film are making this happen to appear on the internet. This opens up a whole ‘nother world for future postings here on That’s all I’m gonna say for now.

Today’s Studio Closeup #12 refers to last week’s post about art that was shown in NYC in 1998, but also perished in 2018's flood. Looking through my slides this week, I found the piece that also attended that 1998 show. Unfortunately I did not take any closeup slides of the individual panels that make up this triptych so it's hard to see the details. Did I title the slide? No, so I do not have a title or dimensions on this one I'm afraid. What I "can" tell you, however, is that this was the first piece I did about the drawbacks and perils of drinking. I also know that this triptych was in the show Morgyn and I had at her warehouse in 2000. I’ve included some photos of the two of us from that show and as you can see, good, good times.

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #11

The one cool thing I hadn't considered when I embarked on The Carolaoke Collection [let's call it that] is getting to really "hear" the music being played by the musicians in these karaoke versions. I really noticed the instrumentation going on within June Carter Cash's, "Jukebox Blues" when I was singing to it and it's fantastic. Please enjoy my scratch track version of this lovely lady's music.

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