Studio Closeup #65

Thought I’d post three more cards today before the big holiday weekend. Thanks for stopping by and let’s hope America is mindful of the fireworks and the Midwest drought. Canada, that goes for July 1st and your current situation as well. Mother Nature is still not pleased with any of us.

Cups page
Minor Arcana: Page of Cups

Upright Meanings:
Willingly offers their service to others
Increased emotional sensitivity
A good idea

Reversed Meanings:
Emotional immaturity
Deception revealed
Drugs or alcoholism

8 strength
Major Arcana: #8 - Strength

Upright Meanings:
Moral force

Reversed Meanings:
Being bullied
Sickness, weakness

Pentacles 6
Minor Arcana: 6 of Pentacles

Upright Meanings:
Fair financial dealings
Teaching your skills to others
Charity, philanthropy
Your work pays off

Reversed Meanings:
Refusing to share
Unpaid bills
Excessive self-interest

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Studio Closeup #64

So lately when I sleep at night, I’ve been having these intense dreams of me slicing and dicing paper and making collages. It’s super cool in one way, but then when I wake up, I’m stressed about the pieces I was working on all night only to find out they were completely made up in my mind and not real. Considering how many nightmares and night terrors I have when I sleep, this is a welcome respite from that and I’m not complaining. It’s too bad the shit I work on in my sleep “isn’t real”, or even counts as being productive in the real world, but at least my brain is trying to help me stay productive and finish this deck.

Please enjoy three more cards from The Bird People Tarot Deck. Subconsciously, I’m fighting the fear feelings of finishing this deck because all the fun and adventure of making it will be done. But I have hundreds of other things I’m working on, so what even is my problem.

21 world
Major Arcana: #21 - The World

Upright Meanings:
Reaching your goal

Reversed Meanings:
Unfinished business
Stuck in a rut
Hostile atmosphere
Travel postponed
Keeping your blinders on

Cups knight
Minor Arcana: Knight of Cups

Upright Meanings:
A new love
Art and music

Reversed Meanings:
Unreliable news
In love with love
Possible addictions

Wands 10
Minor Arcana: 10 of Wands

Upright Meanings:
The burdens of success
Back strain
Heart problems

Reversed Meanings:
A trap
A burden lifted

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Studio Closeup #63

The Bird People Tarot deck continues to move forward. If I accomplish nothing else in my lifetime, this deck will get done. And it will get printed.

Thought I'd share a little bit of my process with these cards since it's been a bit since I posted last. I do the backgrounds for these cards completely separate from the collage part of the cards. I start to get to know the backgrounds as their own paintings. I do about a dozen or so cards at a time which takes about one to two weeks. After the cards have dried and I feel like they’re “finished”, I put the cards away and don’t look at them for a couple weeks. I usually start working on something completely different so when I take them out again, I can remain objective about which ones stay or go. Then it’s time to concentrate on the collage aspect which requires me to exist in a whole different zone in order to get that part of the cards accomplished. In short, all this takes a lot longer than I’d like it to, but this is how my brain wants it. To overcomplicate everything.

Even though it’s been slow going at times, I’ve learned so much about myself and the art of Tarot while working on this deck which has been a super unexpected reward. Happy summer everyone!

19 sun
Major Arcana: #19 The Sun

Upright Meanings:
Creative self-expression

Reversed Meanings:
Delusions of grandeur
Bluff, facade
Boasting, bragging
Negative thinking

Knives 2
Minor Arcana: 2 of Knives

Upright Meanings:
Dangerous times

Reversed Meanings:
A duel
Facing your feelings
Decisions made
Renewed action

Knives 8
Minor Arcana: 8 of Knives

Upright Meanings:
Feeling trapped
Intellectual imprisonment
Slights and insults from all

Reversed Meanings:
Overcoming fear
Small success in midst of misfortune
Not gullible

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Studio Closeup #3

Today's studio closeup is a Northwest otter "exhibit". The materials used are acrylic paint on wood panel, varnish, paper diorama and stones & sticks from the real world. The piece itself is 4in x 4in and I think that's the smallest I'm going to go in regards to the pieces in the museum series. In contrast, I'm current working on a 24in x 24in piece and I'm speculating that will be the largest dimension I go for these pieces. I get freaked out working big, and you need more paint ($$$) to cover such a large surface but I'm trying to test my comfort zone in such matters. I still prefer to work on the smaller side. For some reason it's far less intimidating for me.

The first photo is of the painting as a whole and the second photo is of the diorama that lives inside.

Please enjoy.

Otter painting
Otter diorama

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Studio Closeup #2

For today's studio closeup piece, I envisioned I was in front of a large body of water; a place that makes me truly feel like a whole person again. You'd think that would have changed ever since there was a large body of water that suddenly surrounded my house in 2018, but all those summers on Washington Island WI, and growing up near Lake Michigan where my parents, sister and I spent many summers on the lakefront swimming, sailing and playing - well, I more than miss it. Creating this piece really took me to a better time and place.

Museum Series: Herring Seagull - 6"x 6" - Acrylic, Wood Panel and Paper Diorama

First photo is of piece as a whole. The second photo is of the diorama that will live inside.

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