Studio Closeup #1

To keep me working and focused and not procrastinating, festering about the world or spiraling into a deep dark depression, I'm going to attempt to give myself deadlines here to keep making art and music. Those things have been the only thing holding me together for quite a while now.

Wednesday's will become "Studio Closeup" days featuring art that I am working on or past art pieces that survived the 2018 flood (by remaining upstairs) that collapsed our entire basement. All the artwork I've ever done in my life was stored down there, including all the animation "cels" and films I had made since I was 11. Stories for other times.

In addition, I will also be starting "Music Monday's" of material I have been recording. These will be known as the "Carolaoke Files" so please stay tuned for that as well.

Today's studio closeup is part of the "museum series" I have been working on for 4 years now. These paintings will house paper dioramas and vintage slides inside the pieces.

Museum Series: Rock Wren - 4"x 4" - Acrylic, Paper and Wood Panel

First photo is of piece as a whole. The second photo is of the diorama that will live inside.

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