Studio Closeup #3

Today's studio closeup is a Northwest otter "exhibit". The materials used are acrylic paint on wood panel, varnish, paper diorama and stones & sticks from the real world. The piece itself is 4in x 4in and I think that's the smallest I'm going to go in regards to the pieces in the museum series. In contrast, I'm current working on a 24in x 24in piece and I'm speculating that will be the largest dimension I go for these pieces. I get freaked out working big, and you need more paint ($$$) to cover such a large surface but I'm trying to test my comfort zone in such matters. I still prefer to work on the smaller side. For some reason it's far less intimidating for me.

The first photo is of the painting as a whole and the second photo is of the diorama that lives inside.

Please enjoy.

Otter painting
Otter diorama