Studio Closeup #66

The Bird People Tarot continues! I’ve been quietly plugging along on the remaining tarot cards over the winter and I’m finally in a place where I feel comfortable enough sharing them with the rest of the world.

Fun fact: Some of you may have noticed that I take long breaks from the internet. This is for mental, spiritual and emotional health reasons. My brain and person cannot handle all of the chatter, information and energies (literally from the whole world) so I unplug often. I wonder how Van Gogh would have handled the internet. Or even Joseph Cornell who ate a grilled cheese sandwich every day for lunch at his local Woolworth's. Like clockwork.

Pentacles page
Minor Arcana: Page of Pentacles

Upright Meanings:
Willingness to learn

Reversed Meanings:
Clumsy, insecure
An unexpected expense
Monotony, boredom
Meddling in other people’s business
Lack of education

Cups 9
Minor Arcana: 9 of Cups

Upright Meanings:
Victory over enemies
Physical well-being
A job well done
Desires fulfilled

Reversed Meanings:
Drug/alcohol abuse

Knives 6
Minor Arcana: 6 of Knives

Upright Meanings:
Dependence on others
Attempt to overcome difficulties
A journey (by water)
Dealings with those from a distance

Reversed Meanings:
Rough waters ahead
A discovery that changes plans
Restricted, limited
Not accepting help offered