Studio Closeup #67

The closer I get to finishing The Bird People Tarot deck, the more I am reminded of Sesame Street Grover’s, “The Monster At The End Of This Book”. Both good and bad feelings regarding that. A lot like when I was a kid reading and witnessing Grover’s complete panic stricken breakdown throughout the book about something completely made up. I keep reminding myself that once I finish this deck, I can always make another Tarot deck. There are no more rules. I mean seriously. Look around.

10 wheel of fortune
Major Arcana: #10 - The Wheel Of Fortune

Upright Meanings:
New doors open
A lucky break
Fruitful Initiative

Reversed Meanings:
Unexpected setbacks
Fall from power
A negative twist of fate

Knives 3
Minor Arcana: 3 of Knives

Upright Meanings:
A bleeding heart
Pierced to the quick
Unrequited love

Reversed Meanings:
Dwelling on past hurts
Madness, insanity
Lingering regret & depression
Loneliness and seclusion
Minor surgery

Pentacles 3
Minor Arcana: 3 of Pentacles

Upright Meanings:
Beneficial use of talents
Attention to detail
Vast sublime

Reversed Meanings:
Novice, unskilled worker
Commonplace, low quality
Lack of ambition
Missed opportunities