Freaky Friday #21

Today’s Bird People Tarot card offering is the Ace of Knives (Swords) and the Seven of Knives (Swords). The Aces of a tarot deck present a challenge for me due to the lack of imagery on those cards. The wing is supposed to represent the hand in the cloud that's typically pictured on Ace cards, but I'm still on the fence about it. I'll need to finish the other three and see them all together before I make a final decision. This is my process and it's pretty OCD I'll admit. Please enjoy!

Tarot ace knives
Minor Arcana: Ace of Knives

Upright Meanings:
Strength in adversity
Right timing
Strength of purpose

Reversed Meanings:
Unclear thinking
Misdirected energy

Tarot 7 knives
Minor Arcana: 7 of Knives

Upright Meanings:
New plans
Journey by land
Feeling cheated

Reversed Meanings:
Temporary setbacks
Constructive criticism

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Studio Closeup #53

Happy full moon in Aries tonight which might mean nothing or it could mean everything. It depends on what your thoughts are on such things. Today’s studio closeup is a past work existing in slide format only. I painted this in the early 2000’s and was trying to paint the feeling of being inside a theater. Recently I had a dream about this piece - that it had hidden parts that would glow in the dark under the right light (it does not) but that would be pretty great wouldn't it. Lately, my dreams have been exhausting so this glow-in-the-dark suggestion was a welcome respite. The square pieces at the bottom are audience members. The yellow space is stage activity and I think that’s an Angela Lansbury comic playing up there. The candelabra on the left side represents theater lighting. Georgia O’Keeffe shapes represent a red stage curtain; the curtain at Riverside Theater in Milwaukee to be exact. Please keep safe and well this full moon in Aries. You just never know these days.

Art blog 53
Acrylic Paint, Canvas, Collage - "Riverside Theater" - Early 2000's

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Music Mondays: Carolaoke Song #45

I went the fun route for today's tune because I still remember fun and I still like having fun AND I had so much fun singing this today(!) I really did. This is a song that has all the words about all the things that I agree with 100%. An anthem for the not so perfect delivered in the snarkiest way possible. Please enjoy my "quick track" of Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" and I hope the world has been treating you well. Peace out.

Carolaoke Song #45 - Meghan Trainor - "All About That Bass"

Original Song Reference:

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Freaky Friday #20

Two more cards from the Bird People Tarot Deck today. I don’t have a lot of words to share today probably because I’ve been completely in my head all week but I’ll certainly take that over the scattered and unfocused energy that was hanging around my neck like an albatross these past few weeks. Please enjoy and please keep safe and well out there!

Tarot hanged man 12
Major Arcana: The Hanged Man #12

Upright Meanings:
Cosmic consciousness
To thine own self be true

Reversed Meanings:
Useless Sacrifice
Lack of spiritual attunement
Promises not kept

Tarot kight knives
Minor Arcana: Knight (Prince) of Knives

Upright Meanings:
Quick solutions
Sudden changes
Ill will, grudge

Reversed Meanings:
News of a disaster
A quick exit

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Studio Closeup #52

Today I have “action shots” of a piece I’m working on right now. Winter is coming, which is my happy place so I’m focusing on winter dioramas currently. I’ve included a “lit” shot of what I hope the diorama will look like in final form once one presses the button to make the lights come on. That photo was taken before I painted what you see today.

In completely random news, last night I really enjoyed the episodes of Billions in Season 5, where they tackle the subject of an artist and their art with painter, Tanner. That was incredibly insightful and eerily accurate.

Take care and thank you for stopping by today!

Art blog 52 A
Museum Series - Chickadee 8 x 8" - Work in progress
Art blog 52 C
Museum Series - Chickadee 8 x 8" - Right side
Art blog 52 D
Museum Series - Chickadee 8 x 8" - Left side
Art blog 52 B
Inside diorama with lights on.
Art blog 52 E

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